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Wellness app, powered by genetics

Enhance your DNA journey, access your genetic results on your mobile phone and discover a wealth of information and benefits to support your wellness and health!

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Everything in one app

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Best of genetics

Based on the genetic testing kit you purchased, you will be able to access your genetic results and information. Easily accessible from your smartphone and the GeneLife app.

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Friendly user experience

Our app is very simple and intuitive to use, giving you access to a full range of contents to support your wellness and health on a day-to-day basis.

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Transparent and secure

Data privacy is managed in total transparency, through your consent during registration and accesible any time in your account settings.

Everything you need

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Receive regular updates and lifestyle related articles about wellness.

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Access your genetic results and reports with a wealth of insights about your health.

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My Coach

Track your nutrition, fitness and sleep. Receive personal advice and recommendations, reserved to our Premium users.

Download the GeneLife3.0 app now!

Visit your preferred app store to download the GeneLife app.

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