A testing kit with the most genetic test items in the world
including diet type, disease risk, as well as 360 disease and trait items for analysis.

$399 SGD

Target age
  • 0 year old or older
  • 18 years old or older
Test period
  • 6 weeks
  • 4 weeks
Report review
  • web
  • paper
  • The information provided by GeneLife is not designed to independently diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition or disease as well as to ascertain the state of your health in the absence of medical and clinical information.
  • Resale to a third-party is strictly prohibited.
  • One kit can only allowed to be used by one person. Please purchase more kits if you would like to use it with your family.
  • Shipment will take approximately three to five business days.

700,000 participants and growing.
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GeneLife is ranking #1 in healthcare category
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Genesis2.0 helps you to understand:

A vast amount of information can be learned from the 360 test items including your physical characteristics and disease risks.

We can find out the potential risk of following diseases.

  • Lifestyle-related diseases
  • Various types of cancer
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension

We can also analyze the genetic test items for informations about beauty, diet, and more!

Provide an efficient way to diet based on your constitution.

Provide a suitable skin care method based on your skin nature.

In addition, we can also analyze these are other important characteristics.

You can see overall 360 test items
from below

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Colorectal cancer / Gastric cancer / Non-cardia gastric cancer / Diffuse-Type Gastric Cancer / Esophageal cancer / Hepatocellular carcinoma / Gallbladder cancer / Pancreatic cancer / Thyroid cancer / Lung adenocarcinoma / Non-small cell lung cancer / Lung cancer (Squamous cell carcinoma) / Laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma / Renal cell carcinoma / Bladder cancer / Glioma / Basal cell carcinoma / Melanoma / Extramammary Paget's diseases / Breast cancer / Cervical cancer / Epithelial ovarian cancer / Endometrial cancer / Prostate cancer / Testicular cancer / Multiple myeloma / Large B-cell lymphoma / Hodgkin's lymphoma / Osteosarcoma / Ewing sarcoma / Pediatric / acute lymphoblastic leukemia with MLL fusion gene / Wilms tumor / Multiple cancers (lung cancer, gastric cancer, and squamous cell carcinoma)
Circulatory system
Myocardial infarction / Coronary artery disease / Coronary spasm / Coronary artery calcification / Coronary heart disease in hypercholesterolemia / Stroke / Intracranial aneurysm / Peripheral artery disease / Venous thromboembolism / Abdominal aortic aneurysm / Kawasaki disease / Hypertension / Systolic blood pressure / Diastolic blood pressure / Early onset of hypertension / Blood Pressure Change by Salt Intake / Effect of cold shock on Blood pressure / Orthostatic hypotension / Carotid plaque (Atheroma) / Carotid intima media thickness / Ankle-brachial index (ABI) / Heart rate / R wave voltage in V5 / Electrocardiogram (PR interval) / Electrocardiogram (QRS duration) / Electrocardiogram (QT interval) / Atrial fibrillation / Brugada syndrome / Mitral valve prolapse / Left venticular internal diastolic dimensions / Aortic root size / Pericardial fat
Respiratory system
Asthma / Childhood asthma / Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / Pulmonary emphysema / Forced vital capacity / Forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) / FEV1 / FVC / Tuberculosis / High-altitude pulmonary edema
Digestive system
Chronic hepatitis B / Chronic hepatitis C / Hepatitis C induced liver cirrhosis / Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease / Gallstones / Irritable bowel syndrome / Inflammatory bowel disease / Ulcerative colitis / Crohn's disease / Lactose intolerance / Celiac disease / Barrett's esophagus / Duodenal ulcer / Inguinal hernia / Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis
Nervous system
Migraine / Migraine without aura / Restless legs syndrome / Essential tremor / Task specific dystonia / Anorexia nervosa
Type 2 diabetes / Pancreatitis / Graves' disease / Hypothyroidism / Hashimoto’s thyroiditis / Thyroid volume
Urinary system
Chronic kidney disease / Kidney stones / Type 2 diabetes nephropathy / eGFRcreat / Pediatric Nephrotic Syndrome / Hypospadias
Bone / Joint
Osteoporosis / Bone mineral density (Femoral neck) / Bone mineral density (lumbar spine) / Risk for fracture / Vitamin D insufficiency / Paget's disease of bone / Gout / Rheumatoid Arthritis / Psoriatic arthritis / Osteoarthritis / Lumbar degenerative disc disease / Scoliosis
Atopic dermatitis / Psoriasis / Keloid / Vitiligo / Skin Type / Facial pigmentation / Freckles / Acne / Skin reflectance / Skin color / Alopecia areata / Dupuytren's disease
Blood / Immune system
Red blood cell count / White blood cell count / Platelet count / Monocyte count / Neutrophil count / Eosinophil counts / Basophil count / Mean corpuscular hemoglobin / Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration / Iron-deficiency anemia / Mean corpuscular volume / Mean platelet volume / Hematocrit / Adiponectin levels / Thyroid hormone (T4) levels / Thyroid-stimulating hormone levels / Plasma resistin levels / Fasting plasma glucose / HDL cholesterol / LDL cholesterol / Triglycerides / Platelet aggregation (ADP) / Platelet aggregation (epinephrine) / Platelet aggregation (collagen) / Homocysteine levels / Plasma Tissue Plasminogen Activator levels / Plasma plasminogen levels / Liver enzyme levels (ALT) / Liver enzyme levels (ALP) / Liver enzyme levels (γGTP) / Fischer’s ratio / Serum total protein level / Serum albumin level / Non-albumin protein levels / Bilirubin levels / IgG levels / IgE levels / IgM levels / IgA levels / Galectin levels / Serum alpha1-antitrypsin levels / C-reactive protein Levels / Cardiac troponin T levels / Creatine kinase level / Fibrinogen levels / Urate levels / Urea nitrogen levels / Creatinine level / Aspartylphenylalanine levels
Myopia / Hyperopia / Corneal astigmatism / Cataracts / Glaucoma (primary open-angle) / Glaucoma (primary angle closure) / Exfoliation syndrome / Age-related macular degeneration / Diabetic retinopathy / Graves’ ophthalmopathy / Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome / Pupillary light reflex / Axial length / Corneal curvature / Central corneal thickness / Optic disc area
Ear / Nose / Throat
Earwax type / Age-related hearing impairment / Otosclerosis / Ear protrusion / Ear lobe size / Ear helix rolling / Rhinosinusitis
Oral cavity / Teeth
Dental caries / Periodontitis / Recurrent aphthous stomatitis / Third molar agenesis / Permanent Tooth Eruption / Primary Tooth Eruption / Shovel-shaped incisors / Molar size
Infectious disease
Norovirus Infection / Shingles / Meningococcal disease / Enteric fever / Leprosy / Dengue shock syndrome / Severe malaria / AIDS progression
Allergic sensitization / Allergic rhinitis / Seasonal rhinitis (cedar pollen) / Peanut allergy / Allergic dermatitis (nickel)
Vitamin A Level / Vitamin B6 Level / Vitamin B12 levels / Vitamin D levels / Vitamin E Level / Retinol levels / Beta-carotene Level / Phosphorus levels / Calcium levels / Magnesium levels / Iron Level / Glycine levels / Alanine levels / Leucine levels / Inosine levels / Valine levels / Serine levels / Lysine levels / Histidine levels / Proline levels / Glutamine levels / Asparagine levels / Tyrosine levels / Phenylalanine levels / Tryptophan levels / Citrate levels / Carnitine levels / Alpha-linolenic Acid Level / Gamma-linolenic acid levels / Linoleic acid levels / Adrenic acid levels / Arachidonic acid levels / Dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid levels / DHA / EPA Level
Body type / Physique
Height / Sitting height ratio / Diet (for Men) / Diet (for Women) / Waist-Hip ratio (for women) / Waist-Hip ratio (for Men) / Hip size (for women) / Waist circumstance (for women) / Waist circumstance (for men) / Body mass index / Body fat percentage / Visceral adipose tissue / subcutaneous adipose tissue ratio / Visceral fat / Subcutaneous Fat / Lean body mass / Lip shape / Nasion position / Hippocampal Volume / Amygdala Volume / Intra-cranial volume / Infant head circumference / Birth weight / Digit length ratio
Orientation / Behavior
Alcohol dependence / Drinking behavior / Wine liking / Nicotine dependence / Smoking amount / Caffeine consumption / Coffee consumption / Caffeine-induced Anxiety / Sweet Preference / Protein intake / Carbohydrate or Fat intake / Hoarding / Post-traumatic stress disorder
Evening Preference / Sleeping time / Sleep Bruxism / Obstructive sleep apnea / Hypersomnia (HLA-DQB1*06:02 negative)
Ability / Constitution
Alcohol Flush / Alcohol Metabolism / Caffeine Metabolism / Cotinine glucuronidation / Metabolism of acrylamide / Antioxidant synthesis / Antioxidant enzyme activity / Taste sensitivity (Umami) / Pain Sensitivity / Odor Detection (isovaleric acid) / Odor detection (Asparagus metabolites) / Odor detection (2-heptanone) / Odor detection (isobutyraldehyde) / Odor detection (β-damascenone) / Odor detection (β-ionone) / Bitter sensitivity (Caffeine) / Taste sensitivity (Phenylthiocarbamide) / Bitter sensitivity (Quinine) / Bitter sensitivity / Muscle Type / Grip strength / Exercise (Anaerobic performance) / Exercise capacity (aerobic performance) / Memory Performance / Aging (brain’s performance) / Mathematics Ability / Information processing -Digit symbol (DS)- / Information processing -Symbol search (SS)- / Information processing -Inspection time (IT)- / Information processing -Simple RT (SRT)- / Information processing -2-choice RT- / Information processing -4-choice RT- / Information processing -8-choice RT- / Information processing -Speed Factor- / Hearing function / Musical Ability / Eye color / Hair morphology / Osmidrosis / Longevity / Telomere length / Motion sickness / photic sneeze reflex
Mitochondria Haplo group / Y-Chromosome Haplo type (only for Japanese)*1
*1 This test item is based on Y-Chromosome. Male with Y-Chromomsome can see this item. Only for Japanese.
※If new research results are found and relevant scientific knowledge are updated in the future, please understand the test results may be changed accordingly.

Check the results on your PC and smartphone

The test report provides detailed and comprehensive explanations, recommended eating and exercise regimens, and suggestions about sleeping habit for a better living. All information can be access via PC or smartphone just by clicking on the selected item on the website or the app. It is private and secure. Anytime or anywhere, whether you are on the go or sitting at home, information are readily available!

  • Disease risk in detail

GeneLife Genesis2.0 is the genetic test for
"the risk of disease", "diet", and "skin type" and more!

$399 SGD

GeneLife Myself2.0
Know your genes, know yourself.
GeneLife Diet
Knowing your obseity types to efficiently slim your body!
GeneLife Skin
Knowing your skin types from gene to keep your natural skin beauty!
GeneLife Metabo
Healthcare is easy!
Use GeneLife Metabo to check the risk of dyslipidemia and hypertension.
GeneLife Sports
Knowing your muscle type
to enhance your sports abilities!

Genesis Healthcare promises and performance

We are the only company in Japan specializing in genetic analysis. Over 700,000 (updated on March 2019) users choose us to analysis their genes. We offer a customized lifestyle plan for users with more secure, reliable, and relevant genetic information through a variety of genetic research and tests.

No. 1 analysis results in Japan.

Since establishing the company 15 years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming a professional genetic testing company while setting new industry standards such as achieving 700,000 users as a new record.

Best cost/performance value.

With the most advance technologies in the industry and the most test items in the world including cancer, lifestyle diseases, physical characteristics, and etc, we can provide the best cost/performance value to you.

Highest quality of analysis technology.

We have our own laboratory and analysis center to examine gene data. Along with the customized chip, we can ensure the highest quality in our test results.

CPIGI Certification acquired.

CPIGI is a fair and mutual third-party perspective that reviews corporations for complying with the standard of individual genetic information handling (also known as CPIGI standard of handling) and providing completed and correct genetic test services. Once a corporation is certificated, CPIGI will provide certification mark as recognition.

We have acquired CPIGI certifications for following genetic testing services.
GeneLife Genesis2.0.
GeneLife Myself2.0 (Self-analysis genetic testing).
GeneLife DIET related genetic testing.
GeneLife Skin aging related genetic testing.
GeneLife Metabolic syndrome-related genetic testing.

Most seriously security control.

Operating under the METI genetic research and testing guidelines (formulated in 2007), and adhering to the Privacy Laws of Japan, your genetic information will be stored with top level security 24 hours/365 days. At our laboratory, each customer's test kit is barcoded to insure that only you will have access to both your personal information and genetic information to insure your privacy.

Flow of Use

  1. Step.1Kit arrives.
  2. Step.2Application process.
  3. Step.3Saliva collection.
  4. Step.4Return sample to us.
  5. Step.5After analysis, viewing results.

About genetic testing

What is genetic testing?

A gene is a blueprint of a human.

The Human Genome Project has estimated that humans have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes. Genetic testing identifies changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins. Protein is an important element that makes up all organisms and maintain life. The information needed to create this protein is from the gene itself. Each gene contains four types of bases connected with the DNA. The arrangement of two bases from four types of bases forms various genetic information. The difference in this arrangement (array) leads to the individuals differing from each other.

What do you know about genetic testing?

You can find out various information such as the possible risk of developing an innate constitution or disease.

The results of recent research has shown that some diseases are inherited from parents to children. In addition, the gene influences constitution, the physical features, and the character features such as "obesity type" and “longevity”.

How do we test for it?

Testing is simple, we just need a saliva sample.

Genetic tests performed at a hospital requires a blood sample. For Genesis Healthcare, a gene sample is collected by obtaining an Intraoral cell. This is done by lightly swabbing the inside of the cheek using a dedicated swab. Another method is to collect saliva via a container. They are both painless and makes getting samples easy. No needle or blood collection is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do genetic tests tell me?

    You can find out about your own constitution and the diseases that are likely to occur in the future. After understanding the genetic risks, we can take appropriate precautions early on by reviewing your lifestyle choices.

  • How do I prioritize my genetic test results in comparsion to my health checks and medical reports?

    GeneLife test results are not intended for medical use. Results should not replace any current or previous diagnosis made by a physician. If you have been treated by a doctor or will be treated by a doctor in the future, please give priority to your doctor's guidance.

  • Will my genetic test results change over time? Do I need to take the test again?

    Your DNA will not change during your lifetime (except under extreme circumstances). Thus, you need to only take the test once in your lifetime.

  • Can I take the test while pregnant?

    You can take the test while pregnant. It will not interfere with the results. Your DNA results will not change due to your pregnancy. Also, there is no harm to the child.

  • How do you preserve or manage personal genetic information and personal information?

    We have implemented a thorough system to keep your personal genetic information and personal information in safe. According to regulation in Japan, personal genetic information is managed under the Personal Information protection law. We are a business operator handling personal genetic information, and the handling of personal genetic information and personal information is regulated by guideline from Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry (*1) and complied with the standards from CPIGI, non-profit organization, to ensure the accuracy of personal genetic information, safety management procedure, supervision from operators, and contractors. The customer analysis data is stored for one year from the time of the results delivery, so the results can be viewed at any time during that period. If you request to delete personal genetic information and personal information after the testing, we will follow your request as well.
    *1. Guidelines for the protection of personal information in business fields using personal genetic information in the economic and industrial fields (Decision on Dec. 17th, 2004 and revision on Mar. 29th, 2017).

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About GeneLife

Gene and Life (or Live), together as GeneLife, means using the technology of genetic analysis to understand the inherited constitution of when you were born and the relevance of the environment surrounding you. We promote a healthy and happy lifestyle from the genetic persepective.