GeneLife® was granted by Council for Protection of Individual Genetic Information(CPIGI)to provide genetic test for consumer. CPIGI Certification are granted to companies that complies with CPIGI requirements.

Target age
  • 0 year old or older
  • 18 years old or older
Test period
  • 6 weeks
  • 4 weeks
Report review
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* Paper means paper report.
  • The information provided by GeneLife is not designed to independently diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition or disease as well as to ascertain the state of your health in the absence of medical and clinical information.
  • Resale to a third-party is strictly prohibited.
  • One kit can only allowed to be used by one person. Please purchase more kits if you would like to use it with your family.
  • Shipment will take approximately three to five business days.

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diet genetic test is recommended

diet types

4 genetic types are Apple, Pear, Banana and Adam Eve.

For Apple type, brown rice is better than white rice. Because these are rich in vitamins and minerals that helps carbohydrate metabolize.
For Pear type, cut out fat as much as possible. Prepare food ingredients and cooking method with less fat and oil.
For Banana type, if you eat udon, please choose tsukimi-udon (with raw egg on top) for more protein intake.
For Adam Eve type, to maintain the best shape, you just need to keep a balanced diet with proper exercise. If you feel overweight, just measure or weigh yourself!

How to see GeneLife DIET test results?

You can check the results from our paper report!

4 easy steps to complete GeneLife genetic test


Frequently Asked Questions

What do genetic tests tell me?

You can find out about your own constitution and the diseases that are likely to occur in the future. After understanding the genetic risks, we can take appropriate precautions early on by reviewing your lifestyle choices.

How do I prioritize my genetic test results in comparsion to my health checks and medical reports?

GeneLife test results are not intended for medical use. Results should not replace any current or previous diagnosis made by a physician. If you have been treated by a doctor or will be treated by a doctor in the future, please give priority to your doctor's guidance.

Will my genetic test results change over time? Do I need to take the test again?

Your DNA will not change during your lifetime (except under extreme circumstances). Thus, you need to only take the test once in your lifetime.

Can I take the test while pregnant?

You can take the test while pregnant. It will not interfere with the results. Your DNA results will not change due to your pregnancy. Also, there is no harm to the child.

How do you preserve or manage personal genetic information and personal information?

We have implemented a thorough system to keep your personal genetic information and personal information in safe. According to regulation in Japan, personal genetic information is managed under the Personal Information protection law. We are a business operator handling personal genetic information, and the handling of personal genetic information and personal information is regulated by guideline from Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry (*1) and complied with the standards from CPIGI, non-profit organization, to ensure the accuracy of personal genetic information, safety management procedure, supervision from operators, and contractors. The customer analysis data is stored for one year from the time of the results delivery, so the results can be viewed at any time during that period. If you request to delete personal genetic information and personal information after the testing, we will follow your request as well.
*1. Guidelines for the protection of personal information in business fields using personal genetic information in the economic and industrial fields (Decision on Dec. 17th, 2004 and revision on Mar. 29th, 2017).

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GeneLife Genesis2.0 GeneLife Myself2.0 GeneLife Diet GeneLife Skin GeneLife Metabo GeneLife Sports
All products GeneLife Genesis2.0 GeneLife Myself2.0 GeneLife DIET GeneLife SKIN GeneLife METABO GeneLife SPORTS
Targeted gene About 1,400 Gene Polymorphism from around 360 items. Above 150 Gene Polymorphism from 87 items. 3 genes. 3 genes. 2 genes. 1 gene.
Test period About 6 weeks. About 6 weeks. About 4 weeks. About 4 weeks. About 4 weeks. About 4 weeks.
Certain types of cancer          
Inherited and lifestyle-related diseases          
Diet Indicates genetic diet type. For more in-depth analysis and recommendations, purchase GeneLife DIET        
Skin care Indicates skin type. For more in-depth analysis and recommendations, purchase GeneLife SKIN        
Metabolic symdrome        
Muscle types Indicates muscle type. For more in-depth analysis and recommendations, purchase GeneLife SPORTS        
Price $399 SGD $399 SGD Paper report included $89 SGD Paper report included $89 SGD Paper report included $89 SGD Paper report included $89 SGD
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Web and SP

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