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Registering your new GeneLife at-home DNA test? Follow these simple steps
Genesis 2.0

Register your account and kit

  1. Click "Sign Up" either at the bottom of the page or in the navigation bar.
  2. Step 1
  3. Read our notes to better understand the process before registering. Click " Sign Up".
  4. Step 2
  5. Enter your basic information in the register form as follows (from top to bottom): First name, Last name, Username, Gender, Nationality, and Birthday.
  6. Step 3
  7. Enter your contact information as follows (from top to bottom): Country of residence, Country code, Phone number, Postal code, and Address.
  8. Step 4
  9. Enter your login information as follows: Email, and Password (Please note that if you are below 18, you will be required to input the name of your guardian, your relationship with your guardian, and contact number of your guardian). After you complete this, plese check the box to give your consent to our "Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions" and click "Register".
  10. Step 5
  11. Verify your email by entering the code sent to your registerd email.
  12. Step 6
  13. On the Login page, log in with your Email and Password.
  14. Step 7
  15. Once you are able to login, Click "+ Register Kit" found on the left pane.
  16. Step 8
  17. Enter your Kit ID and Security code which you could find on the paper in the kit. And check the box to give your consent to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions' and click "Register kit".
  18. Step 9
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Collect and submit your sample

  1. Read and follow all the instructions carefully in the user-guide to help you with your sample collection.
  2. Step 1
  3. Collect your saliva sample within the tube as per the instructions provided.
  4. Step 2
  5. Use the envelope provided in the kit to return your sample back to us. (Please ensure that you have completed your registration for an account and your kits) Once we receive the sample, we'll analyze it within 4 to 6 weeks.
  6. Step 3
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Access your report

  1. When you are notified that your report is ready through your email, go to the 'MyPage' section of the GeneLife website and click "Access report" to see your report.
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Step 1

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