GeneLife Rewards Program

Participate in our surveys and in-app activities to unlock attractive rewards on the go.

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Earn points and unlock rewards and benefits

Taking a DNA test with us isn’t just empowering, it can be rewarding too when you participate in our surveys and in-app activities!

How it works



Log in to our GeneLife app and navigate to our GeneLife Rewards tab on the bottom right corner.


Collect GeneLife Points

Different activities earn you different number of points. Collect more points to unlock bigger rewards.


Exchange points for Rewards

Exchange your points for rewards with our exclusive partners. Then simply follow the instructions in your email to claim your rewards.


You can earn GeneLife Points by participating in our exclusive offers, promotions or surveys within our app. Then, exchange them for vouchers and rewards within our GeneLife Rewards catalog to get discounts on everything things.

Exclusive offers or promotions will be announced through notifications within the app and in the different sections of our application (e.g., home, articles, chat bot...).

In addition, users can also participate in our regular surveys to earn extra bonus points. These surveys cover a wide range of topics from wellness, health, and genetic research.

Exclusive offers, promotions and surveys will be updated on a regular basis and will be valid for specific periods of time. The number of points awarded for each offer, promotion or survey may vary and change from time to time. Users are encouraged to check the mobile app on a regular basis to be able to participate and earn points.

Offers, promotions and surveys are organized by Genesis Healthcare and/or with a range of selected partners.

To be able to earn GeneLife Points and/or redeem/exchange them, you must have:

1. Taken a GeneLife genetic test. Your saliva sample must also have been received at our GeneLife lab for processing.

2. Accepted the Terms & Conditions of the GeneLife Rewards Program.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the GeneLife Reward Program for additional information.

GeneLife Points are issued upon completion of participation in any exclusive offer, promotion and/survey. Points are usually issued within the same day, however in some situations, issuing of points may take up to two or three weeks.

GeneLife Points can only be redeemed or exchanged in the GeneLife mobile app.

Once GeneLife Points are converted into our partner rewards, the Terms and Conditions from our respective partners will apply.

Users will have to redeem their vouchers within 7 days from the date of conversion.

Once the GeneLife Points have been exchanged for a partner reward, the transaction cannot be canceled and points cannot be reverted back into your account.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the GeneLife Reward Program for additional information.

Upon a successful point exchange, an email will be sent to your inbox for you to activate your voucher. Please activate your voucher with our respective partners within 7 days of receipt.

As the actual voucher validity differs across our partner rewards, please refer to the email for more information.

1. GeneLife Points are valid for a one-year period starting on the day when your last transaction (such as an Eligible Transaction that caused the issuance of GeneLife Points or a transaction redeeming valid GeneLife Points) took place.

2. If you do not redeem your GeneLife Points within one year, the respective GeneLife Points in your account will expire.

3. If GeneLife Points in pending status have not become confirmed after a certain period, such points in pending status may be void without advance notice.

4. Expired GeneLife Points are void.

5. Genesis Healthcare will not be liable for any damages or compensation whatsoever for the expired GeneLife Points.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the GeneLife Reward Program for additional information.

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